All-In-One Solution

Drainage and dismantling time under 3 hours
(Depending on the operational process and the amount of the dismantled parts.)
Parts removal and drainage on the same TiltingLift
No transfer to another lift necessary
High ergonomics through optimum working heights and ideally positioned tools
Same space, but more features
Increases reliability by reducing forklift traffic


Efficiency, rationality, safety and ergonomics are keywords in todays recycling companies.

For this reason, SEDA has developed an All-In-One Solution together with car manufacturers and dismantlers. This solution is the first complete system for ELV de-pollution and dismantling which now can be performed on a new special TiltLift by one person independently.
SEDA All-In-One consisting of:
• SEDA Tiltinglift 1800
• SEDA Drainage System Typ Drain Tower
• Tankdrilling HD for gasoline / diesel
• Quality control gasoline
• Swingarm for used oil
• All in One-Steelconstruction
• Tool Cabinet
• Vehicle Trolly
Technical Details
Lifting height:
up to 1800 mm
Max. Rotation angle:
90 °
Loading capacity:
3500 kg
Drainage and full dismantling time:
ca. 12-15 min. / vehicle
Space requirement:
7750 x 6750 x 4750 mm