Compact and clean
Quickly operational
Pre-installed technique
Easy service
Additional equipment
Explosion proofed ATEX certified TankDrillingMachine
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The SEDA EasyDrain is an ideal solution to drain End-of-life vehicles (ELV) of all liquids.

Specially developed and focused on smaller dismantlers, the SEDA EasyDrain concept is very successful. The engineering and economic challenge was to find an optimal combination for a clean, efficient, but fast and cost-effective solution. This Drainage station fulfills all this requirements.
With the EasyDrain you can process up to 30 vehicles a day. The approval SEDA technology removes up to 98% of all fluids without spilling a drop.

There are 3 versions:

  • SEDA EasyDrain Basic (SEDA TankDrillingMachine „heavy duty“ mobile with 1 swing-arm)
  • SEDA Easy Drain Compact (SEDA SEDA TankDrillingMachine „heavy duty“ with 2 swing-arms)
  • SEDA EasyDrain Individuell (We can offer you a tailor made solution for your special requirements!)

Both versions include our SEDA “heavy duty” TankDrillingMachine, with up to 4 vacuum pumps for petrol & diesel, waste oil, windscreen washer fluid & coolant and brake fluid by pump or vacuum chamber. It comes with special tools to remove coolant fluid and additional accessories (universal pressure plugs, etc.).
SEDA EasyDrain works with different vehicle mounting systems like single ramp, single lifting ramp, double lifting ramp, scissor lifts, etc.

Air requirement:
8,5 bar – 1.350 l/min.
Consumption Evacuation:
2.900 l/car
Drainage time:
app. 10-12 min./car
Required space:
7,0 x 3,8 x 4,0 m
Catchment area:
4,8 x 1,8 x 0,06 m
Suction power:
petrol: 10 l/min
diesel: 10 l/min
waste oil: 3 l/min
coolant fluid: 3 l/min
screen wash fluid: 5 l/m.