SEDA Mobile Info Sheet


Air powered operation
Low energy consumption
Easy to use
Quiet and strong
Expandable up to a stationary system
High quality product
Explosion proofed
Efficient and effective

Article number:
A-50002 SEDA Mobile
Single parts:
S-52000 SEDA TankDrillingMach.
S-51100 Kuli Petrol
S-51200 Kuli Diesel
S-51300 Kuli Waste oil
S-51400 Kuli Brake fluid
S-51500 Kuli Coolant fluid
S-51600 Kuli WS-Washer fluid



Since 1993 and already in operation at over 800 dismantlers world wide, the SEDA Mobile represents the most efficient, cost effective and reliable solution for draining all fluids from End of Life vehicles. The System consists of a SEDA TankDrillingMachine, an air powered control unit and six 80 liters kulis with accessories for the efficient removal of the following waste fluids:
Waste oil
Windscreenwasher fluid
Brake fluid
Coolant fluid

The SEDA Mobile system is prepared for a daily drainage up to 12 vehicles. It’s modular design which incorporates multi colored vacuum kulis makes it the ideal solution for the smaller yard.

All parts of this station are available separately!

The extensive SEDA accessoires (all included):
Brake hose pliers (to drain at the brake fluid hose)
Brake pipe pliers (to drain at the brake fluid pipe)
Fuel suction hose (to drain at the tank filter inlet)
Air operated control unit (for an easy handling)
Pressure plug set (increase the sucking power)
Rubber boots for brake nipples (to drain at the nipples)
Puncturing tool with housing (to drain coolant fluid)