TruckStation ED-G

No lifting equipment necessary

Explosion proofed tankdrilling unit
Spill-free suction with vacuum
Residue tank emptying
All connections are pre-installed
Simultaneous collecting different liquid
Strong, low maintenance double diaphragm pumps
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Dismantling of trucks, buses or other heavy vehicles are increasingly important for recyclers worldwide. Together with them, SEDA developed new solutions.

Old trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles have other requirements for its recycling than cars. To empty trucks without lifting platforms properly of diesel, used oil and other fluids, the SEDA drilling device has been specially adapted. Adjusted underneath the tank, the extraction is done after the drilling process automatically.
Mobile and easy to clean collecting trays with 110 litre capacity catch transmission and engine oil and cooling fluid smoothly. High performance pumps are used for sucking the liquids, which are filtered and pumped into theirrespective storage tanks.

Due the collecting trays and special drilling device, the vehicle must not be raised. Due drilling, the tank will be completely emptied as compared by emptying the tank filler neck. If brake fluid is available, it can be easily
removed by the use of brake pipe or hose pliers.

Air pressure:
8,5 bar – 1.100 Liter/Min.
Air consumption:
6.000 l/truck
Drainage time:
app. 20 min/truck
Fluid drainage:
Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min
Waste oil: 12 l/min
Hydraulic oil: 10 l/min
Coolant fluid: 8 l/min
Washer fluid: 8 l/min
Brake fluid: 3 l/min
2,2 x 0,5 x 1,8 m
Required space:
15,0 x 4,0 x 6,0 m