T-REC XXL Info Sheet

For all kinds of Tires (even Run Flat Tires)
Rim dimensions up to 22 inch‘s (alloy + steel)
Tire and rim demolition guaranteed
Adjustment Laser-Aid

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N-31206 SEDA T-REC



SEDAs T-REC XXL is the innovative and well thought through answer to quickly and easily separate tires from wheel rims. T-REC stands for Tire-Recycling and that is what you will do easily with T-REC help!

This advancement of the SEDA T-REC assured more power and dimension. Incorporating ingenious time saving and safety features not seen anywhere else ensure that the SEDA T-REC XXL will quickly establish itself as the number one solution for tire separating technologies. For alloy and steel rims of bigger cars like:

• Audi Q7
• VW Tiguan
• BMW X5
• Mercedes ML

With its unique quick adjustment system it can separate tires from all sizes of rims, steel and alloys up to a
maximum size of 22 inch´s. The XXL incorporates a sturdy piercing device to deflate the tire and hold it in place
while the hydraulic unit pushes the rim down and away from the tire.

A self raising plastic and steel mesh guard protects the user from shattered alloy rims. A unique safety feature of the SEDA T-Rec XXL. A demolition of the wheel rim is guaranteed. Furthermore the new Laser helps to adjust. A powerful hydraulic system means a cycle time of only 20 seconds.