Gas Torch

Gas Torch Info Sheet 

Environmentally friendly disposing of LPG (residual amount gas and liquid medium)

Easy to use
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The Gas torch for burning off gas and liquid phases is specially designed for emptying the tanks of LPG vehicles.

When emptying the gas tanks of LPG vehicles, it is necessary to either suction or burn off the fuel in an area specifically purposed for this task.
Accessories and equipment:
LPG high pressure hose L= 5 m (connection to the torch)
Liquid phase regulator 4 bar
LPG high pressure hose L= 2m with connector for LPG tank M10 x 1
Telescopic stand max. useful height up to 2,5 m
Isolation ball valve
Cartridge burner with piezo ignition
(Incl. 190 g butane gas cartridge, leak detection spray frost proof 400 ml, cold resistant gloves)