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Unloading the Shear & Baling Box

A big day was ahead of us as we started off our Monday this week. Two of the biggest and heaviest pieces of the Shear Baler had arrived at our location. We had prepared ourselves the week before by clearing the area and calling in the crane for the morning of. The unloading of the two pieces would be an all-day event, which would prove to have its challenges.

After the crane had been set up and ready to lift the baling box off the truck, it came to our attention that due to the weight capacity of the 7-meter baling box and 800-tonne shear, the angles and positioning weren’t correct. The crane was to be moved again and now in the proper position could lift and bring the shear and baler safely to the ground.

The process was documented and what was an all day long process, is now cut down to 1 minute for you to enjoy.

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