Vehicle Dismantling Platform

Hydraulic control system
For easy and ergonomic working on car bottom
Mobile platform for easy placement
Additional tools can be integrated on swingarm
Rugged and robust
Proven SEDA Quality Product
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Dismantling companies need equipment which support their work process. The new SEDA VehicleTiltingRamp moves the car, not the worker.

It is easy to place a car onto the system. Secured by a hydraulic safety arm on the top, the car is ready to turn 90° in order to help a worker to stand upright and work on the bottom of the vehicle easily. This unit offers a safe and efficient dismantling of ELVs. Once tried you will never want to work without it!
This device combined with a platform and our dismantling swingarm offers you more ways to work in a highly professional and industrial way.
An integrated swingarm on the platform ensures a perfect way of working with the SEDA RecyclingCutter or other additional tools which are necessary. Electronics as well as wires and connectors for air pressure, power, hydraulic and suction can be pre-installed and are easy to connect up on site.
Technical Details
Control system:
Loading capacity:
3.500 kg
Engine power:
1,5 kW
Power supply:
400 V
Oil filling quantity:
25 l
Radius swingarm:
6 m (2,5/3,5 m)
Dim. Tilting ramp:
1,5 x 2,6 x 2,5 m