TruckStation Mobile

Complete system and installation on the trailer

Usable everywhere
No lifting equipment needed
Explosion proof drill (ATEX)
Drip-free suction under vacuum
Complete emptying of the tank
All connections are preinstalled (quick coupling)
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For trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles SEDA developed a new solution, designed specifically for junkyard operators.

The entire station can be mounted on a trailer and can thus be used amost anywhere.
Adjusted under the truck tank, the extraction is carried out after the drilling automatically.
The vehicle must not be raised, thus the mobile tank drill can be used anywhere without any trouble.– Specifically designed for trucks
– Integrated strainer
– Optional: Fuel quality control
– Industrial hose reels
– High quality workmanship
– Clean & safe
– Compact dimensions
Part #
TruckStation ED
TruckStation EDG


Working range of the drill:
340 – 760 mm
Air pressure:
8,5 bar – 1.100 l/min.
Air consumption:
1.200 l/min.
Drainage time:
ca. 10 min./vehicle
Fluid drainage:
Diesel 17 l/min.
Storage tank:
600 l
Petrol compressor:
20 kw
Hose reels:
2 x 8 m
Size trailer:
3 x 1,8 x 0,5 m