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Shear CR

Shear CR Info Sheet

  • 360° hydraulic rotation
  • Interchangeable blades (4 rotations)
  • Boom or Dipper styles available


Hydraulic demolition shears

The new Shear CR series is able to meet the requirements for the recycling and selection of ferrous material. It is designed for use in the modern demolition site where a high shear power is required, even at great heights. The equipment is characterized by an extremely robust frame that protects the high performance cylinder from bumps. The shears have interchangeable blades for precision cutting. The blades are also reversible and can be used four times before being replaced. Features include a rapid jaw opening & closing, fast cycle times, massive crushing force and hydraulic cylinders protected well against damage. The 360 ° hydraulic rotation ensures a safe and precise positioning. In addition, the jaw can be adjusted easily and quickly thanks to a special register that will reduce the spaces, ensuring maximum precision and clean cutting.