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Shear Baler KAPPA



The lowest possible purchase price and operating costs. These requirements are summarized in the TAURUS BLULINE shears of the KAPPA SERIES. KAPPA shear balers are adapted to the times. They are composed of a single monolithic body, to make them easy to install and reposition. At the rear of the machines, a structure is attached to the feed box, which supports the longitudinal compression cylinder. It also supports the electric or diesel engine (as required), as well as the electrical and hydraulic system necessary for their autonomous operation. The shear works simply placed on the ground. It’s a medium size machine equipped with the original compression box of the TAURUS BLULINE  “swinging wings” system. The patented squeezing wing system is defined by a plate for scrap sliding, hinged longitudinally and laterally to the base plate are the two oscillating covers. The floor of the box as well as the inner and outer surfaces of the lids are made of high-strength, wear-resistant steel. The shear baler of this group can produce bales that are automatically ejected.

ATTRIBUTES U/M K662 K772 K872 K973
Cutting force tons 600 700 800 900
Box length mm 6100 7200 7200 7200
Cylinders per wing 2 2 2 3
Max. compression force (*) tons 300 300 350 400
Main cylinder compression force tons 150 150 150 150
Bale dimension mm 880x600xV 880x600xV 880x600xV 880x600xV
Electric motor (**) kw 132 132 200 200
Diesel engine (**) hp 250 250 350 350

(*) each wing

(**) reccomend