SEDA Single Station

SingleStation Info Sheet

WorkingPlatform Info Sheet

High safety standard
Superior quality
Air powered
Fully scaleable
Quiet and robust
Special Nordic version available
Double station as well
Explosion proof ATEX certificated
All benefits of SEDA equipment

Due to countless variations of this system there is no article number.



The SEDA SingleStation is the most advanced and efficient end of life vehicle drainage system on the market.

A modern drainage system must satisfy individual demands and fit in seamless with existing processes and automations. The SEDA SingleStation is a fully integrated system with some or the countless advantages derive from the use of powerful suction pumps in combination with the certified SEDA TankDrillingMachine. Customers appreciate the large, unobstructed area of operation, the countless field-tested, component reliability or the incredible range of accessories allowing countless variation possibilities. The SEDA SingleStation achieves a productivity rate of 40 cars per day.

Moveable staircase, swing arms, catchment area in the proven SEDA quality complete the SingleStation. It can be tailored to everyone’s individual needs and requirements. SEDA SingleStation base units are:

  • SEDA TankDrillingMachine
  • SEDA GearboxDrillingMachine
  • Moveable staircase
  • Hydraulic tilting vehicle ramp
  • Swing arm for fuel/oil removal
  • Robust pumps
  • Brake fluid kuli
  • Catchment area
  • Automatic hose wheel
  • SEDA closing plugs
  • SEDA testing plugs
  • SEDA brake fluid pliers

The SEDA SingleStation is an All-In-One top class solution for scrap car drainage. For all who need something bigger we advise the SEDA DoubleStation, which allow you to work on two cars at the same time with just one station. Contact us for more information about the SEDA SingleStation or other SEDA products!