Air powered

Plug-and-play solution
Very flexible system
Easy handling
Double-sided use possible
Explosion proofed ATEX certified TankDrilling-Machine
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The SEDA Rapid is a simple, modern and flexible station designed for mid-size dismantlers.

It is possible to remove 98% of all fluids from up to 30 ELVs per day in a environmental friendly way.
With compact dimensions and the innovative SEDA drainage technology, the SEDA Rapid station represents a simple to install and simple to use end of life vehicle de-pollution system that is right up to date. Individual air powered pumps, the SEDA TankDrillingMachine and special tools allow simultaneous fluid removal saving you time and money.

The station can be combined with a variety of different static, tilting or lifting ramps or can be built around your existing vehicle ramp. Double-sided use is also possible.Two versions available:

• SEDA Rapid Basic
can be compiled individually on request
• SEDA Rapid Quick Install pre-assembled and prepared


• SEDA TankDrillinMachine
• 5 Vacuum pumps:
• Petrol, Diesel, Waste oil,
• Coolant-, Screenwasher fluid
• Swing arms with funnel
• Vacuum tanks:
• Brake fluid
• Special tools
• universal SEDA Plugs
• add. Tools/Accessories