Moto Recycling System

Suitable for all common bikes

Simple and stable fastening of bikes
Easy handling
Safe and quick drainage
Proven SEDA quality
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The SEDA MRS (Moto Recycling System) is the first equipment for the de-pollution of motorbikes and it offers a special lifting device particularly for the work on all common types of bikes.

SEDA, leader in vehicle de-pollution technology, now presents the first MOTO-line. This is the main solution for motorbike drainage in combination with a lifting ramp provided with a special mounting system that guarantees a stable fastening of all current motorbikes.
In comparison with other SEDA ELV drainage stations the SEDA MRS also offers the suction of all relevant liquids. This includes a fast way to remove petrol, waste oil, coolant and brake fluid.

SEDA MRS is suitable for all motorcycles and can be used perfectly apart from the de-pollution of operating liquids for all services and repair work, as well as for disassembly of parts and simulations.

Components SEDA MRS:

• Drainage station
• Lifting ramp with special mounting

With the help of the SEDA MRS a de-pollution of the following liquids is possible:
• Fuel
• Waste oil
• Coolant fluid
• Brake fluid
• Damper fluid

This system is used by the BMW Recycling Center in Munich, Germany

Lifting capacity max:
350 kg
Lifting height max:
1 m
Lifting time:
15 seconds
Dimension MSL:
2,3×1,0×2,9 m
Power supply:
400 V AC
Compressed air:
8,5 bar / 3 m³
Suction power (pumps):
Petrol: 15 l/min.
Diesel: 15 l/min.
Waste oil: 5 l/min.
Coolant fluid: 5 l/min.