MDS8 Container DrainLift

MDS8 Container Drain Lift Info Sheet 

Depollution and dismantling

Hydraulic lifting and pneumatic de-pollution system (Ex-proofed)


Sturdy and efficient

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The SEDA MDS8 Container DrainLift is the ideal combination of a single hydraulic lift with the tried and tested SEDA drainage system, housed in a container.

Also simple dismantling work can be done on it hassle-free.
The SEDA DrainLift Professional can also be used without a container or in combination with a mobile platform.
Part #
MDS 8 Container DrainLift


Lifting height:
up to 1800 mm
Overall height:
2410 mm
Lifting time:
appr. 30 sec.
Loading capacity:
3.500 kg
Engine Power:
3 kW
Power supply:
3 Ph / 400 V / 50 Hz
Space opened:
6,5 x 2,5 x 4,8 m
Compressed Air:
7 bar – 1.210 l/min.
Air consumption:
2850 l/car
Drainage time:
appr. 12-15 min/car*
Fluid drainage:
Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min
Waste oil: 3 l/min
Coolant fluid: 3 l /min
Screen washer fluid: 5 l/min
Brake fluid: 1 l/min