MDS4 Platform

Robust and reliable

Mobile All-In-One solution
Twin DrainTower available
ATEX certified hydraulic lifting ramp
Highest possible safety
Also available with a fixed vehicle ramp
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The MDS4 Platform consists of a hydraulic 3.5 ton lifting ramp as well as the SEDA DrainTower.

The SEDA MDS4 (Mobile Drainage System) offers all advantages of a mobile platform: universally usable, flexible installation and efficient de-pollution of end-of-life vehicles (ELV). Thanks to the lifting ramp this system is also qualified for car dismantling.

Alternative Systems:

A-528180 MDS2 Platform
A-528153 MDS2 L-Container
A-528165 MDS2 Container with a roof
A-528185 MDS3 Container
A-528152 MDS5-Star Cont.

Air requirements:
8,5 bar
1.210 liter/min.
Consum. evacuation:
2.850 liter/car
Drainage time:
ca. 10-12 min./car
Loading capacity:
3.500 kg
5,8 meter length
2,3 meter width
min: 2,2 meter height
max: 4,0 meter height