MDS DrainBox

Combination of vehicle rack and de-pollution system

Universally usable (mobile / stationary)
Ready for immediate use thanks to the preinstalled technology
Integrated workbench
Low air consumption = small compressor
Explosion proof (ATEX)
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The SEDA MDS Drainbox is the ideal, economical solution for mobile ELV
drainage in the container.

The MDS DrainBox is a roll-off container, in which the SEDA DrainBox is integrated. The container consists of a vehicle rack with fully connected case for 6 double diaphragm pumps and filters as well as a tank drill and an oil swingarm.
The MDS DrainBox includes a AC Remover and a catalytic cutter. In addition, the container can be supplemented with a shock absorber drilling device, a HoseGun, a service unit or a Gearbox drilling machine.
Part #
MDS 7 Container DrainBox


Air requirements:
max. 7,5 bar – 410 l/min.
app. 10-20 Min./car
Fluid drainage:
Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min
Waste oil: 8 l/min
Brake fluid: 1 l/min
Coolant fluid: 5 l/min
Washer fluid: 5 l/min
Loading capacity:
2000 kg
Dimension closed:
6500 x 2500 x 2400 mm
Dimension open:
6500 x 2500 x 4800 mm