Inclined Shear TRS

Indicated for (scrap type)
  • Mixed scrap
  • Bulky scrap
  • Collected scrap
  • Demolition scrap

Stage 1. A three stage compression clamp creates a powerful downward pressure in three stages to compress and increase the density to the scrap. (1)
Stage 2. Two side compression flaps (2 & 4). Hinged on the outside front of the shear compress the material horizontally while simultaniously feeding it towards the cutting shear.
Stage 3. The three stage compression clamp further compresses the material and holds it in place while the shear cuts the scrap in to pre set sizes (3).
Loading. The shear is loaded from above while gravity slides the scrap towards shear head. The floor of the feed box slides back and forth automatically aiding in the downward flow of scrap. The side compression FLAP´s provide further assistance in feeding the scrap towards the shear. The cutting length of the material is variable and can be preset by the operator.
The incline sheer compresses and cuts scrap in a continuous autonomous manner which means only one operator is required to load the shear.
TRS series inclined shears are built extra solid at critical ware and stress points. They are economical to run, space-saving and can be loaded from both sides by a single operator.


The Inclined Shear TRS and the TRS series scrap shears are open boxed, inclined shears with continuous feeding function. Designed for shearing large quantities of mixed, high density, bulky, over dimensioned or demolition scrap.
The purpose of inclined shears is to reduce the scrap length while increasing its density. Increasing the density of scrap optimizes storage space, reduces transportation costs and provides a homogeneously sized “raw material” for metal furnaces. The shear is equipped with a powerful hydraulically powered clamp which provides three stages of compression.