Inclined Shear TRH

Indicated for (Scrap type)
  • Demolition scrap
  • Production scrap
  • Rolling scrap


The Inclined Shear TRH series are open boxed, inclined shears with a continuous feeding function. Designed for shearing large quantities of mixed, high density, bulky, over dimensioned or demolition scrap.

The TRH range of shears are particularly heavy duty with shear forces ranging between 750 – 950 Tons

Loading. The shear is loaded from above while gravity slides the scrap towards shear head. The floor of the feed box slides back and forth automatically aiding in the downward flow of scrap.

The incline shear compresses and cuts scrap in a continuous autonomous manner which means that only one operator is required to load the shear.

TRH series inclined shears are built extra solid at critical wear and stress points. They are economical to run, space-saving and can be loaded from both sides by a single operator.