GreenPoint Info Sheet

Quality product
Low energy consumption
Included accessories
High suction performance
Easy handling
Explosion proof (ATEX)

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The new SEDA product line with original, high quality SEDA products for small enterprises.
SEDA´s remarkable Tank Drilling Machine drills through petrol tanks and sucks out petrol at a rate of up to 20 liters per minute without spilling a drop. Its robust design and ease of use have made it the Car Dismantlers favorite around the world.
The Green Point NA-VR pump is specially designed for low cost by maximum efficiency. The pump works perfect with the SEDA Tank Drilling Machine.
This Set contains:
SEDA-TankDrillingDevice „H.D.“
Rubber Sleeve for TankDrilling Device
Suction hose for tank
Sealing plugs (500 Pcs.)
Base plate
Petrol pump Type NA-V
Petrol filter Type NA
Alternatively a ethanol pump can be chosen instead of the petrol pump.
Green Point – powered by SEDA