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Grapple BMS

Grapple BMS Info Sheet

  • Hardox Construction
  • High Volume Cylindrical Scoops
  • 20 Different sizes available
  • 5-50 ton Excavator



Digging clamshell bucket

The Grapple BMS clamshell bucket is the ideal piece to carry out excavation and handling of bulk materials (mud, gravel, sand and earth). The two vertical cylinders of large dimensions, the shape of the clamshell and the application of teeth from excavation HARDOX, gives this bucket a large force of penetration in hard materials and a great loading capacity. With 20 standard models, CMB offers a complete range of clamshell buckets. These grapples are for use on excavators from 5 to 50 tons. The Grapple BMS is also applicable on bridge cranes. The reliability and robustness of the structure characterizes each model of grapple. This grapple is made with the most high strength and wear resistant, innovative steels.