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Grab MR

Grab MR Info Sheet

  • Hardox Construction
  • Ideal for boulders, large objects
  • 360° hydraulic rotation


Grapples for the handling of various materials

The Grapple MR series are built for the handling of various materials. Thanks to the particular configuration of the grapples (3 + 2) the MR series is distinguished by their high productivity and versatility. These grapples are widely used to handle medium and large size boulders, in which speed and accuracy are enhanced by the hydraulic rotation. Due to the large clamping force, these grapples are used in the demolition of non-concrete houses or structures without metal armor. Simultaneously it carries out the double operation of felling and loading of materials. Designed to withstand over time, the MR pliers are entirely made in HARDOX 400 (steel with high abrasion resistance and high mechanical resistance characteristics) and have the cylinder and the body of rotation perfectly protected.