Drain Tower

Drain Tower Info Sheet

Easy maintenance
Pneumatic control panel
Compact and clean
Ready-to-go system
Pre-installed equipment
Powerful pumps
Flexible and save
Explosion proofed ATEX certified TankDrilling-Machine


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The DrainTower combines proven SEDA technology with an efficient design concept. Offering highest safety to the user and maximum protection for the environment the SEDA DrainTower fulfills all requirements of modern ELV recycling companies.

As a successor to the SEDA-Rapid station the DrainTower is more effective and more compact then ever before. The fully functional SEDA DrainTower Double and the space saving economical Single are pre-installed in our factory which saves time and money during installation.

The heavy duty ATEX certified tank drill, powerful air pumps and proven drainage tools ensure the quickest and safest drainage of petrol and diesel, waste oil, coolant fluid, windscreen wash and brake fluid.

It does not matter if you take the single or double version, with SEDAs DrainTower you choose a very good product anyway. Less installation hassles, huge space for work and suitable to all vehicle ramp types (stationary, single, twin or scissor lift) the station has the ability to convince. There is also a simple way to expand the single tower to the twin tower.


”The professional service provided by ELV Select deserves to be complimented. We are very pleased with our new SEDA de pollution system and supporting equipment. I look forward to adding more units soon.”

-Brighton Recycling Inc.