Catalytic Cutter

Catalytic Cutter Info Sheet

Compact design
Strong cutting power
Optimized cutter profile with special cutting notches
Mobile and organized with wheel stand

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The catalyst converter is regarded as the most profitable part of an end-of-life vehicle. The SEDA Catalytic Cutter removes them in just a few seconds without requiring great strength and without damaging it.

The SEDA Catalytic Cutters are the optimal solutions for removing catalysts and exhaust systems. Weber Hydraulik has specially optimized and improved their devices for the specific requirements of recycling companies in conjunction with SEDA.

Our optional mobile stand resp. the mobile stand 360° (for doors and roofs) with catalytic converter catchment tray enables easy transport of the cutter and the aggregate in order to
facilitate the usage significantly and prevent any injuries or damages!

Spare parts like blades and conversion kits are available.