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Minimize Downtime as Much as Possible by Inspecting Equipment

As you know our industry like many others, is facing a number of challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our government has declared a state of emergency and we are all doing our best to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19.

We all find ourselves still trying to run our businesses, potentially being short staffed, with many things running through our minds. This is making it difficult to stay on task. We, at ELV Select, feel the same way and we aim to help you find solutions in these times.

Spending piles of money is the last thing we all want to do. The thought of doing any costly repairs on vital pieces of equipment we can all agree, is something we want to avoid just as much as this virus. That said, processing time is precious and hard to come by and it is now a key time to inspect ALL of your equipment to avoid downtime.

Even in unsettling times, it is important to persevere like we always have in an industry that has faced trials. By keeping things running smoothly while taking the proper precautions we can help one another through this. To ensure the safety of our employees and staff members, we too, have inspected our own current way of doing things. We have implemented a set of responsible guidelines for our staff going forward.

On-site work shall be handled as follows:

  • Arrangements shall be made with the customer to ensure both parties are comfortable. If the work needs to be conducted after hours, this can be arranged. Please note that our purposes are solely based on implementing reasonable precautions to protect our employees as well as our customers.
  • Work areas shall be wiped down prior to commencement of work.
  • A reasonable distance shall be maintained between staff members and you, the customer (social distancing recommended).
  • Work area shall be wiped down after completion of work.

*Please note that proper hygiene practices are taken very seriously by our staff members and anyone who is showing signs of illness will be advised to stay home.

As the news of the virus evolves this approach may be updated or revised.

If you require service, parts or assistance do not hesitate to contact us.