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Piecing Things Together Bit by Bit

Work on the Shear Baler is at full steam, everyone is back from holidays and we have the whole team at it today. Today also marks the first parts being pieced together and has made us realize how far along we are coming already and giving us a new excitement for the project.

Now freshly painted the Cabin mezzanine has been placed above the hydraulic pack, this afternoon we managed to have the cabin placed on top. Just a few more paint touch-ups on the hydraulic pack and this part will look good as new!

We can’t help but be wowed by the electronic panel that controls the hydraulic pack.


Opening the Baling Box

We have been busy taking things apart, cleaning, prepping and priming. With everyone taking their holidays, progress has slowed down, but we couldn’t be happier to enjoy the warm weather that doesn’t seem to stay long enough here in Canada.

Earlier this week we were ready to open up the baling box. Once again, we had to call in the crane to get the wings open because of the weight of them.

Upon opening and initial cleaning, we found some loose change from our friends across the pond inside:

Unloading the Shear & Baling Box

A big day was ahead of us as we started off our Monday this week. Two of the biggest and heaviest pieces of the Shear Baler had arrived at our location. We had prepared ourselves the week before by clearing the area and calling in the crane for the morning of. The unloading of the two pieces would be an all-day event, which would prove to have its challenges.

After the crane had been set up and ready to lift the baling box off the truck, it came to our attention that due to the weight capacity of the 7-meter baling box and 800-tonne shear, the angles and positioning weren’t correct. The crane was to be moved again and now in the proper position could lift and bring the shear and baler safely to the ground.

The process was documented and what was an all day long process, is now cut down to 1 minute for you to enjoy.

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Prepping and Priming

Last week was a busy week, as work on the arrived parts commenced. Pieces required straightening out, grinding/sandblasting, welding where needed and painting. All the while, more parts of the machine rolled in.

Sandblasted and primed, ready for paint.

The painting of the Hydraulic Pack is currently in the works and is proving to be time-consuming due to the astonishing amount of small details across such a large surface area.

As More Parts Roll in, The Project Begins

The Hydraulic Pack and Cabin of the Shear Baler has now also arrived at ELV Select Inc. Meaning we now have 3 pieces altogether: The Hopper, The Operating Cabin and the Hydraulic Pack.

The Operating Cabin has already come a long way, as it has already been straightened out, repaired and prepped for paint and painted. Today’s challenge was working with a high gloss enamel mixed into the paint, which requires you to work fast and to mix small amounts at a time since it doesn’t take long for the chemical reaction to happen, causing the paint to solidify. Here is a before and after:

As good as new!



A New Beginning for a Well-Worked Shear Baler

Earlier this year we had purchased and planned for the rebuild of this Shear Baler located in the UK, for one of our clients. The machine has been originally manufactured by Taurus and has endured the constant feed and output of metal material every day, for about 10 years.

By the time the client has it, the machine will have undergone:

  • Preparation for shipping across the ocean
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Take Apart
  • Replacement of parts
  • Assembly
  • Painting
  • Testing
  • Delivery

Just this week the hopper, our first piece arrived at our Ontario, Canada location. This marked the initial step of refurbishing the old girl and making her look like as good as new again.

More parts are well on their way as they arrive in Nova Scotia like this shear head and baling box.


ELV Select, Your Air Compressor Experts

At ELV Select, we offer customized solutions to fit the needs of the Auto and Metal Recycling Industries. Not only do we provide ELV drainage and Metal Recycling equipment, but we’re also air compressor experts. As a preferred Ingersoll Rand vendor, we now service the light industrial market segment :

– Auto Body Shops   – Welding               – Food Processing

– Breweries               – Manufacturing    – Steel Fabrication

– Dairy Farms            – Construction        – Woodworking

You can count on our team of professional consultants and qualified technicians to offer the following Proactive Services.

  • Preventative maintenance
  • On-site consultations
  • Compressor repairs
  • Air piping installation
  • Genuine Parts

The Importance of clean dry air and proactive maintenance has a tremendous impact on your equipment longevity and overall maintenance costs. Extensive repairs, missed deadlines, cost of lost labour and delayed production are all factored into downtime expenses. What would it cost you?

For all of your air compressor needs email us at service@elvselect.com

or call us at 519. 831.0977

5 Simple Ways to Market your Auto/Metal Recycling Business


We all know how difficult it is to run a ‘clean’ scrapyard (there is a reason it is called a scrapyard). It isn’t the cleanest Industry, but it sure does help with keeping our environment clean and safe in the long run. Along with keeping things clean, comes keeping things safe, not only for the environment but for you and your workers as well. We are in an Industry that deals with the removal of toxic chemicals, automotive parts and scrap metal, and along with being in the Industry we already are recycling more than other businesses and are at an advantage. Showing to your customers the measures that you take to ensure your processes are clean, environmentally sustainable and safe also for the worker, says a lot. If you take extra care in these areas, make sure to let the public know!


As a local recycling yard, your target audience is a wide array of different people. You are targeting anyone in the surrounding area who is looking to rid themselves of an end of life vehicle, e-waste, appliances, etc. Going out of your way, as a company to help organizations and people in the community is a great way to get your name out there. Don’t forget to keep a record of these doings, post them on social media, advertise yourself within the cause and bring business cards to the events that you attend.


A great way to gain some company credibility is to get our good customers to give you a review on Google. Having these testimonials on Google allows people to understand better what your business is and how your business is perceived by others. Even a bad review can be a good thing for your business. This is a great opportunity to show your customers that you care to resolve problems and provide the best service possible by responding in a respectful way and providing solutions to the person who left the bad review.


To the general public, your business may look like the local junkyard, but little do they know that it is so much more than what meets the eye. Intrigue your community by using visuals like infographics, drawings, diagrams, videos and pictures explaining what exactly your business does and the impressive processes that take an otherwise useless scrap object and making a profit from it, while helping reduce environmental waste. People are curious and letting them see some transparency in how your business runs, allows people to believe in your company’s vision and mission.


Facebook is the perfect tool for small businesses. You may have a business page and feel as though it is not worth it to post on because the problem is that there are not enough people seeing it. If you have a business page and don’t have too many followers, that’s fine, there are ways to still get engagement and gain a larger follower base through boosting certain posts for your business. At first, it takes a little bit of trial and error. You can test out different demographic targets, post types and budgets all in your ads manager on Facebook and from there, find out what gets you the best ROI.