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5 Simple Ways to Market your Auto/Metal Recycling Business


We all know how difficult it is to run a ‘clean’ scrapyard (there is a reason it is called a scrapyard). It isn’t the cleanest Industry, but it sure does help with keeping our environment clean and safe in the long run. Along with keeping things clean, comes keeping things safe, not only for the environment but for you and your workers as well. We are in an Industry that deals with the removal of toxic chemicals, automotive parts and scrap metal, and along with being in the Industry we already are recycling more than other businesses and are at an advantage. Showing to your customers the measures that you take to ensure your processes are clean, environmentally sustainable and safe also for the worker, says a lot. If you take extra care in these areas, make sure to let the public know!


As a local recycling yard, your target audience is a wide array of different people. You are targeting anyone in the surrounding area who is looking to rid themselves of an end of life vehicle, e-waste, appliances, etc. Going out of your way, as a company to help organizations and people in the community is a great way to get your name out there. Don’t forget to keep a record of these doings, post them on social media, advertise yourself within the cause and bring business cards to the events that you attend.


A great way to gain some company credibility is to get our good customers to give you a review on Google. Having these testimonials on Google allows people to understand better what your business is and how your business is perceived by others. Even a bad review can be a good thing for your business. This is a great opportunity to show your customers that you care to resolve problems and provide the best service possible by responding in a respectful way and providing solutions to the person who left the bad review.


To the general public, your business may look like the local junkyard, but little do they know that it is so much more than what meets the eye. Intrigue your community by using visuals like infographics, drawings, diagrams, videos and pictures explaining what exactly your business does and the impressive processes that take an otherwise useless scrap object and making a profit from it, while helping reduce environmental waste. People are curious and letting them see some transparency in how your business runs, allows people to believe in your company’s vision and mission.


Facebook is the perfect tool for small businesses. You may have a business page and feel as though it is not worth it to post on because the problem is that there are not enough people seeing it. If you have a business page and don’t have too many followers, that’s fine, there are ways to still get engagement and gain a larger follower base through boosting certain posts for your business. At first, it takes a little bit of trial and error. You can test out different demographic targets, post types and budgets all in your ads manager on Facebook and from there, find out what gets you the best ROI.